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    Have you found out that the value of your home has decreased, when you are trying to sell it, because of untold structural damage that started in your crawl space? Are you finding yourself wondering, “what’s going on?” These questions could be coming into your mind because, you guessed it, your crawl space was a place in your home that you hadn’t thought about much. Benching is a less costly and quicker way to create more space in your basement. It involves digging down to the depth you wish your new foundation floor to be and creating new walls to extend from the new depth up to the existing. This new wall has to be reinforced and has a cap – which creates a bench-like structure around your new foundation floor. You can use the new wall to create book cases, shelves or add cupboards for storage. This method is good if what you need to do is create useable space to free up space elsewhere in your home. It does add living space but not quite as much as the underpinning method. https://eduardocaqi320865.ka-blogs.com/64561093/galley-kitchen-remodel-cost The size of the room (or rooms) being renovated, underlying repairs, scope, materials, and labor make up the bulk of home renovation costs. There’s a wide price range of $18,161 to $76,367, with an average of $46,748. Estimating a home renovation cost can be complex, but here are the top factors to determine how much it might cost you to renovate your home. When you use the EED process, you’re ensuring that your mind is put at ease through the entire building or remodeling process because you chose to invest wisely into making sure the selections and finishes are in line with the vision you have for your project, thus, saving you money and keeping you on budget!  We hope you enjoyed learning about the EED Process and hope that you think of us for your next project so we can help achieve your vision! Thank you!  

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