Admissions Template

Our Admissions Process includes several steps intended to assist your family in making the decision for Christian education. You may have already participated by attending a personal tour and Educational Success Consultation. We want you to know us well and understand how we partner in education.

At every step along the way, we’re available to answer questions, connect you with teachers and other staff members, or connect you with Calvary families to share their experiences at CCS. You can always start by speaking with Nicole Maiocco in Admissions who’s happy to help your individual process. When you are ready to apply, these are the components of your application.

1. Come Visit Us:

We strongly encourage you to start your process by attending and Admissions Event or consultation and tour. You can schedule a personal tour to explore our Kindergarten – 8th Grade by contacting our office at or (714) 973-2056. Our Preschool has a separate admissions process. To schedule a tour or receive more information about the Preschool, please call 714.973.1768 or e-mail

2. Application for Admissions:

Our application is online for your convenience. The application provides information about your family, your church participation, your personal statement of faith, information about your student and a checklist of application elements. There will be an application fee of $50.

3. Letters of Recommendation:

Please ask your student’s current teacher to complete the Teacher Evaluation form. You will email your child’s required recommendation forms to your recommender from your account and they will submit the form back to us all online. No postage needed! You can check back to find out if your recommender has submitted the form and send reminders as needed. If your student has multiple teachers, please ask a core subject teacher to fill it out.

4. Interview & Placement Assessment:

Once your application is complete, we’ll call to schedule your interview & placement assessment. This assessment will be age appropriate for your child and is intended to provide more information about their development and education. Most assessments include a basic reading, writing and math sample. While your child is completing the assessment, the parent(s) will meet with Mrs. Leah Hess, our Head of School, to discuss the path we will take on our journey together.

5. Enrollment:

Your family will be notified within ___ regarding acceptance. All materials and appointments must be completed before a decision can be made.