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CCS launched our STREAM program in the fall of 2017. Since the launch we have implemented technology and STREAM curriculum across all grade levels K-8th. Our vision is to lay a foundation of technical skills, such as programming, then build on those skills with electronics, prototyping, and materials fabrication such as laser cutting and 3D printing. We are teaching our children to be inventors, problem solvers, and makers of the future. We have kindergarteners programming simple sequences with robotic mice. By the time these students reach middle school, they will know how to research a problem, design, implement, and present an original solution. We have already seen the difference STREAM curriculum is making in our students this year. It has ignited their interest in learning and sparked their creativity. Students are learning vitally important career skills such as communication, project management, and critical thinking.

Program Overview

Kindergarten – Programmable mice

1st grade –  Programmable LEGO robots

2nd grade – Dot & Dash robots

3rd grade – Droid inventor kits

4th grade – Inventor kits

5th grade – Code kits

Middle School Robotics Elective –  iPads