Students will experience working with a variety of art materials and learn about basic art elements and principles.  Projects will include drawings, paintings, printmaking, ceramics, plaster gauze masks and paper sculpture . Students will increase their knowledge of the elements and principles of art and become familiar with an increased variety of media and techniques. Students will learn to understand and appreciate art from certain styles, time periods, and cultures. Students will learn to see the beauty of God’s world and express and emulate this beauty in their own art work.



Learn the process to take pictures, create the cover, make a promo video with yearbook preview, develop theme for the following year, make 8th Grade memory book for all  8th Grade students.


Intermediate Acting

This class is designed for students who want to learn the basics of acting and how to have more confidence in front of an audience. This class introduces students to the basic fundamentals of acting including: body movement, voice work, improvisation techniques, staging, and scene exercises.  Theatre games, improv exercises, and published scene work will gently and safely grow students’ confidence in front of an audience, as well as nurture an appreciation for the art of acting.

This is a “learn through doing” class. All students will be expected to participate in all activities. The class will perform scenes before the school at least twice a year.


Advanced Acting

This class is designed for students who have had previous acting classes or experience who want to have a more in depth study of acting techniques and performance. This is a performance class. All students will continue to develop their skills through the experience of producing full length plays for an audience twice a year.


Teacher Assistant

This elective provides an opportunity for students to assist teachers in the classroom. Students will help in various capacities such as correcting papers, tutoring, working with reading groups, etc.


Band and Strings

Students will improve the playing technique of his/her instrument, and become a better musician by sight-reading new music. Students will also develop listening skills by playing in an ensemble. Students will play traditional band repertoire as well as contemporary songs, marches, and hymn arrangements. Utilizing etudes, scales and appropriate literature, each student works to develop musicianship, integrating intonation, tone quality, rhythmic and notation reading skills in preparation for high school and lifelong musical opportunities.



We believe that physical education is an important part of our total educational process, and is highly emphasized at Calvary. The overall goal of our P.E. program is to have each student be physically fit and to instill a desire to maintain lifelong physical fitness through exercise and sports. It is also our goal to prepare the students with a broad understanding in a variety of sports, teaching the value of teamwork. Each day in P.E. high moral attitudes and good sportsmanship, along with respect to the teachers and their peers will be expected from each student, centering on living a godly life.


Eagle Academy

Students meet twice per week in a small group setting with the Eagle Academy Director. The focus of this class is to build executive functioning skills- planning, organizing, managing/staying on top of grades, logging into Rediker and Gmail, checking for homework, test prep, study skills, and working on homework.



Students will learn basic cooking techniques including proper food prep, measurements and meal preparation. Students also get to enjoy eating what they make!



This class explores programming and game design using Scratch. Projects include developing 4 different archetypes of games culminating with the development of your own original game. In the second semester, students will be introduced to artificial intelligence programming with E-Z Robots. Projects will include voice, facial, and emotional recognition.


RGHC (Richard Gertsen History Center)

8th grade students who want to develop an appreciation for history, develop critical thinking skills and effectively participate in civic life. Students who are concerned with using their students to more effectively understand and reach a world that is in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should apply.



Students will learn  beginning guitar skills including basic chords & melodies,  and reading simple notation such as tablature & chord charts in  guided lessons.